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Core competence
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About us  
1989     04 - Established R.F.Hitec.Inc
1992     06 - Set-up R&D LAB
1995     01 - Contracted Sole-Agent ship with Mini-circuits Lab.
1998     01 - January Certified ISO 9001
1999     10 - October Established GTT (Global Telenet Technology) in Indonesia
2000     01 - Registed as a venture entuerprise(SMBA)
                03 - Capital increase(us$ 4.5 million)by 6venture co.
    - Participated in the consortium contract for IMT-2000
2002     04 - Establised branch office in Shenzhen in china
2003     12 - Re-Registered as a venture enterprise(SMBA)
2004     11 - Chosen as the superior technology company
  (by Technology Reliance Warranty Fund)
                12 - Chosen as the technology innovation company
  (by INNO-BIZ-the Small and Medium Business Administration)
2006     12 - December Certified ISO 14001
Broadband Amplifier for 2.2~2.7GHz LNA forRadar Bandwidth (1998)
LNA for WLL LNA for PCS repeater (1999)
LNA for 8.5GHz HPA for IMT-2000 (2000)
LNA for GPS Tower-Top System for LMDS (2000)
Deviced LNA with Passive Biasing RF transceiver module for 26GHz (1999)
50dB Gain LNA for IMT-2000 Up-Down converter for B-WLL (2000)
Multi-Port LNA for US-PCS RF Microwave And Millimeter-Wave Ics.
Deviced Package LNA module   Microwave Circuit for communication System (2001)
HPA for wireless Communication Broadband Amplifier (2002)
LNA for Ka-band (1999) Ultra Broad-band Driver Amp for Optical modulator (2002)
Mini Variable Attenuator for VHF & UHF
Repeater for wireless Communication
Amplifier for communication system(Patent Office)
ISO 9001 Certificated (February, 1998)  
ISO 14001 Certificated (December, 2006)  
Core competence
Quality & Reliablity Assureace System
  R.F. Hitec designs, manufactures and markets high quality components and subsystems for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave communication and telecommunication systems.
Design & Development
All designs are developed using computer aided design (CAD) techniques. Our circuit modeling is based on detailed understanding of each parameter, and is confirmed by design review meeting & lab test. Reliability-related design process and management satisfies MIL-HDBK-217F and Bellcore TR-332 ISSUE 6 requirements. R.F.Hitec lab performs severe heat cycling test for extended operating temperature range before mass production and life time test before manufacturing lot.
All R.F.Hitec products are manufactured under stringent quality assurance and control standards. R.F.Hitec's manufacturing facilities have been established for manufacturing microwave integrated circuits(MIC) hardware that meets the strict visual and screening requirements of IPC-A-610. Total process control is fundamental to our success in meeting these requirements. All process steps are completely documented and include the necessary controls to ensure the best results. An Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control Program provides for protection of electronic parts and equipment. All products must survive elevated temperature aging test( minimum 48hours at 40 ~ 60℃) and environmental test for low and high temperature (-40℃ ~ 80℃).
Quality Assurance
  R.F.Hitec performs burn-in and various reliability tests. These tests are designed to eliminate early failures and to ensure performance in hostile environments. R.F.Hitec's commitment to furnish RF and microwave components of highest quality starts with a comprehensive Quality System that meets the intent of ISO9001.
After Sales Service
  R.F.Hitec speedy turn-around service with happy call is pride and confidence for our customers satisfaction.
Also keeps all records affecting product quality from quality to customers' operation for life time quality assurance. Quality engineers are promptly deputed to assist clients for any offer sales services.