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PT. RF Hightek Indonesia  
PT. RF Hightek Indonesia
Welcome to the World Class Contract
Design & Manufacturer
Established of 1998, PT. RF Hightek Indonesia started the company for manufacturing quality products with competitive prices and providing fast delivery. PT. RF Hightek Indonesia has grown into the largest contract manufacturer in the world market.

To meet the challenges, we pursue aggressive deployment of new manufacturing technologies, the lower costs, state-of-the-art manufacturing, high volume of production capability, test and inspection, reliability of product, fast shipment as well as providing a high level of customer service and communication support.

Now, we offer you manufacturing solutions ranging from telecommunication products to electronics products. There's no need to go to the ends of the earth to find an appropriate manufacturer anymore.

In the future, PT. RF Hightek Indonesia will continue offering revolutionary ways of integrating products and technologies for creating more values of our customer.

Thank you.
As a subsidiary company of RF Hitec Inc. Group in Korea, we hired 600 skilled operators in the area of 7,000 square meters in southern Jakarta. The total building space is 9,500 sqm and line space is 4,500 sqm. Now 3,000 sqm is working and 1,500 sqm is extendible.
Man Power
We have 600 operators including well trained 250 operators who have more than 5 years of manufacturing experiences. Our QA team has 30 qualified staffs, QC team has 96 qualified staffs, Engineering Team has 10 qualified staffs and Mechanic team has 10 staffs . The total number of workers we can accommodate is 1,200 and we can work on a 3-shift-a-day basis if necessary.

Facilities & Equipments
Our production facilities are air-conditioned warehouse, IQC room, MP (material preparation) room, production line, curing room, semi conduction room, QA room and packing room.

We have many production equipments such as welding machine, dry oven, re-flower, microscope, pull bond tester, freezer, LCR meter, and Network Analyzer.

For the semiconductor equipment, we have die bonding machine, ball bonding machine, wedge bonding machine, thin film machine, pull bond tester, curve tracer and high resolution microscope.

With the facilities registered to ISO 9001, we're always hard at work creating state-of-the-art solutions with them in order to give you the utmost reliability you're always looking for.


Contract Manufacturing focused Company
PT. RF Hightek Indonesia is projected as a labor intensive company where people is necessary to handle the entire manual working and helped within semi-automatic working machines and precise calibration analyzer.
Quality Dept.
We have 96 quality control staffs.
Our QA team consists of the 30`s dedicated experts who work with their ability in assuring the passed product control in advance.
To serve the better service to the clients, our QA team has committed to obtain a zero defect target on their evaluation report, and until the present time our QA Team has performed a reject quality ratio under 100ppm.
ISO 9001:2000 certificate

Quality Report
Material Inspection
In Process
On-going Reliability Testing
Internal Certification for Quality Controller Training
Top-Down Control
Quality System
Raw Material
Sampling inspection of Incoming lots
Visual inspection quality audit
Work In Process
Semi Finish Goods
In-circuit test quality audit
100% Function test quality audit
Finish Goods
Sampling Inspection of finished products
An Effective quality assurance program is a vital part of our manufacturing process. RF Hightek Indonesia production lines provide real time data collection to our engineers as well as our customer. This allows us to monitor process defects in addition to providing the quality data required by our customer.
On-line, real time data collection system
100% visual inspection and test
Chasing 6 sigma defect rate
ISO9001 Certification for improvement
With time and cost challenges driving today's manufacturing requirements, RF Hightek Indonesia is equipped with the facilities of Custom Bonded Zone to meet the demands of buyer's fast delivery requirement.
To challenge the competition of global manufacturing environment, we, RF Hightek Indonesia, are searching how to provide the lowest cost to our customers.
Tightly controlled working shift can save time loss
Easy and simple custom clearance can save additional cost
Well located site near the express way can save transportation loss
We are a company who has license of Custom Bonded Facilities and our factory has been designated EPTE area by the Government of Indonesia.
It means we pay zero rate of tax for import and export
Customers are available sending any kinds of material at any time
Custom office is located inside factory
To maintain good condition of electronic materials, we are operating air-conditioned warehouse. All the materials are checked daily so we can provide you daily and weekly inventory report.
Same In & same out quality system
System of evaluation for damaged materials which must be returned to buyer
Just-In-Time, this is concept of stressing the importance of a self-directed work team employing continuous improvement techniques to improve process, communications, and the workplace culture.
More important, it is a step toward creating the vision that manufacturing organization must have to begin to think, change, and react in order to be a global competitive company in the 21st century.
We can keep the secret for the customer’s technology and any other information.
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Sawah Gede, Cianjur 43200,
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#562, Wolgye 2-Dong, Nowon-Gu, Seoul, 139-848 , Korea
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Fax: 82-2-995-8284
Website: www.rfhitec.co.kr
RF Hitec, USA
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