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R.F.Hitec Inc. develops and manufactures microwave and RF amplifiers that address the requirements of Defense Electronics, Satellite Communications and wireless telecommunication markets worldwide.
R.F.Hitec Inc. has achieved its goal of accurately creation “ prototypes ” in software, as evidenced by its ability to go directly from a simulated design to deliverable prototypes and rapidly ramp to fulfill volume requirements.
A crucial element of the company's development philosophy is to “ design for production ” to drastically improve manufacturability by virtually eliminating tuning and adjustments as part of the manufacturing process. The result is lower cost, higher reliability products with predictable delivery times.
Our engineering teams develop high-frequency modules and subsystems to meet customer-specific requirements for cost, performance, and mechanical outline. R.F.Hitec Inc. engineers use the latest computer simulation and CAD tools to predict subtle but critical performance differences amongst various design options.
RF Amplifier
(Front End Module)
Import business / Sales Representative